Works list


For all types and purposes on the ship or in port facilities (from a small upgrade or overhaul to complex construction works).
All Hot works require high qualifications and an accurate approach of specialists to their planning and implementation. Not only the quality and safety of such work, but also the lifetime of the structure depends on this. Starting from simple electric welding and ending with accurate gas welding with non-ferrous metals, our main credo is high quality above all else.


Teak or any other decking that is widely used on cruise liners eventually becomes unusable and needs to be replaced or repaired. Our experts can as soon as possible dismantle the obsolete coating and prepare the deck for further operation (cleaning, painting).  


For the repair, installation, calibration of any electrical or electronic equipment.
Providing a ship with an uninterrupted supply of electricity is critical – our specialists can help you with all issues of power supply, from the planning of commissioning of individual units or ship systems. Laying cable routes, installation, dismantling, commissioning and repair of any electrical and electronic ship systems – any task you set will be completed as soon as possible at the highest level. 


To repair, replace or update any equipment on the ship (auxiliary and main engines, cleaners, steering gear equipment, pumps, etc.).
Maintenance and repair of marine equipment requires the high knowledge and skills of a specialist because the safety of not only the ship and individual ship systems, but also the crew, cargo and the environment as a whole, directly depends on this.
Our highly qualified certified specialists are ready to fulfill any task set by the customer anywhere in the world, regardless of complexity.




For repair or installation of any pipeline systems.
One of the most important tasks in ship repair is pipe laying and the main criteria for the complexity of work in this area is the location, volume, shape and material of the structure, which leads to further difficulties with the installation or dismantling of the structure.
Specialists of our department have many years of experience in providing quality solutions of any complexity of execution and will complete the tasks at any time convenient for you. 



For any painting of the hull or deck, including spray painting.
Painting work is a very accurate and time-consuming process. The complexity of their implementation varies depending on the type of work. From basic deck and hold painting to specialized areas (pools, tanks).

Our department has certified specialist painters ready to fulfill an order of any complexity, regardless of its location and volume.



For any cleaning procedures, tank flushing or cargo holds.
Tank cleaning is one of the most important and difficult due to access and risks, obligatory work on the ship. Maintaining tanks and holds in proper condition is a prerequisite for environmental and general ship safety. Cleaning, flushing, painting require a thorough and professional approach. All these quality criteria are also important for us in our work. Our motto: ‘Clean works -flawless reputation’.


Installation or dismantling of fire, sound-absorbing or thermal insulation is a difficult and time-consuming process requiring a high quality and accurate approach. Indeed, correctly installed insulation is one of the first safety barriers on board a ship.
The specialists of our company for many years were engaged in servicing ships in this direction and proved themselves to be highly skilled professionals in various companies around the world. We provide with the best personnel.


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