Training Courses and Arrangements

Crewing-agency “Intership LTD. MARINE AGENCY is a company that responsibly applies to the employment of clients. We are well orientated in the tendencies of the maritime labor market, therefore we introduce new methods of work with personnel, organize training events and courses for future employees of international teams.

International standards dictate their own rules. They must be matched by every specialist who is going to work abroad. Training activities and courses are the most important aspect that allows the interested person to work in a well-paid position. We help applicants to obtain the knowledge necessary for quality performance of duties on ships of different categories.

English language courses are not the only direction that the potential employee of crew should be interested in. In addition to his professional knowledge, he must have the skills to provide emergency and first aid, extinguishment a sudden fire source, etc.

The more certificates of training activities available to the Seafarer, the more chances of employment for the desired vacancy.

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