About us

We are ready to provide compact fully certified repair teams anywhere in the world to fulfill your order. Our specialists are English-speaking personnel certified according to international standards (Germanisher Lloyd, Lloyd’s Register, Det Norske Veritas).

HR policy

The selection and testing of personnel knowledge and qualifications is one of the most important aspects of any work. Indeed, not only the quality and safety of the work performed, but also the reputation of the company depends on how qualified and trained the specialists are. The most important criteria for the cooperation with our company is professionalism. That is why, before becoming part of our Intership team, the applicant must go through a series of checks and tests.

Verification by our inspector of the marine documents of the seaman and the correspondence of work experience for the position.

An interview with a professional specialist in English is the initial stage of any sailor applying for work in our company; this is an interview in English with specialized specialists (engineers, welders, electricians, painters, plumbers, technicians ). Based on the results of a comprehensive interview, the applicant proceeds to the second stage.

Computer testing  more in-depth testing in English to verify the basic knowledge and fundamentals of work on a ship and ship repair and in the second stage in-depth testing of aspects of its work and knowledge of the main provisions of international maritime conventions (SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, ISPS code, ISM code) .

After a successful step-by-step verification, the applicant is registered in our database and work with us.

Medical policy


Medical aptitude is just as important professional aptitude for applicants.In our company, on the basis of their own medical center, applicants undergo a full medical examination (examination for medical aptitude, drug and alcohol tests).
The reliability of the results of the applicants is guaranteed, since it is primarily the reputation risks of our company in providing qualified candidates.We are also ready to conduct and provide the results of any other additional examinations, if it’s required.
We provide a high-quality services to our cusomers and partners, because it’s trust. 

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